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Friday, July 16th, 2004
Poker Games

There are many different type of poker games, but they almost all have the same objective, which is to make the best possible five card poker hand. The only exceptions to this are the games which use less than five cards, such as two card poker. In these games you simply make the best hand out of however many cards you have.

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The most popular of all Poker Games is Texas Holdem. This game features five community cards that come face up on the table, while each player has two of his own cards that only he or she can see. The players then must make the best five card hand out of the seven cards that are available to them.

Draw Poker Games
One of the most common home poker games is five card draw. Any poker game in which you have an opportunity to replace one or more of your cards after you have looked at them will be referred to as a "draw" game. In five card draw you are first dealt five cards.

You can then return up to three or four of them, depending on the rules you set, and replace them with the top cards from the deck. The dealer should be in charge of handling this exchange. You are then left with five cards and you bet against everyone else's five card hand.

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