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Play Pai Gow
by Thomas Barrington

There are many different places to play pai gow. It is a very common game that is played in all casinos as well as Indian casinos and card clubs. Pai gow is one of the oldest gambling games but follows some of the same rules of poker.

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Learn to Play Pai Gow
If you know the rules of poker, learning to play pai gow should be simple. The order of power in terms of cards is the same. This means that you will know what beats what. The only difference is that a joker is placed in the deck which can be used as an ace or to complete a straight or a flush.

In pai gow, you are going to get seven cards and the dealer is going to get seven. You are to make two hands (one of five cards and the other of two). The five card hand has to be your strongest.

If one of your hands beats one of the dealers, then you push. If both of your hands beat the dealer, you win. If the dealer beats you on both hands, you lose. There are a few other rules and regulations that you should check into before playing. It is a rather simple game that can be very fun.

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