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Play Red Dog Poker
by Thomas Barrington

Not many people know how to play red dog poker. This is a gambling game that can have a big payout, but the odds can be in the favor of the house. What you have to realize is that all odds are going to be in the favor of the house and that you should realize this.

Red dog poker is a game where you are going to guess if the third card is going to be in between the first two. The fewer cards there are to be in between, the higher the payout. That is because the odds get lower with the less spread out the first two cards are.

There are other ways to get paid in this game. The most lucrative is if the first three cards are the same. In this case, you will win an upwards of 11 to 1 of your initial bet. That is a very good payout, if you can hit it.

Where to Play Red Dog Poker
There are not many places to play red dog poker. It is not a game that you see every time you go to a casino. It is not nearly as popular as Blackjack or craps. This means that if you want to play it, you are going to have to find it. The only place that you are going to find ample places to play is online. Internet casinos have the game and will take your bet for almost any amount.

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