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Top Ten Online Casinos
by Thomas Barrington

The top ten online casinos are not a matter of opinion. The difference in most of the casinos is so small that most people will not notice it. The same software designs are used for these casinos and the same games are played.

Top Ten Online Casinos Are Just Advertisements
When you hear about the top ten online casinos, you are just hearing advertisements. There are no real top ten, but just the top ten advertised. The more money that a host has to get their name out, the more people will play. This will make them a highly played casino, but does that make them any better?

When you look at online casinos, you will notice that they will all basically have the same games. There are only so many ways that you can play blackjack or roulette. Texas Hold'em is the same everywhere. You should not necessarily focus on the games as much as on the service and the fees.

When you look at an online casino, look at how they disperse money and how they take it in. This should all be free to the player. You should not be charged a service fee for getting your money out of the casino. If you are a Hold'em player, look at what percentage the house takes in or what kicks you have to give to the house. This can drastically change the flow of money.

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