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Virtual Pai Gow Poker
by Thomas Barrington

Virtual pai gow poker refers to playing the game on a computer. There are many computers and machines at casinos that will let you play pai gow, but that means that you have to go to a casino. Why would you play on a machine if you could just play in person at the table?

Virtual Pai Gow Poker Refers to Internet Gambling
When you hear about virtual pai gow poker, you are hearing about pai gow that is played online. The internet is the home of hundreds of online casinos that will let you gamble with real money. There are tables and games specifically designed for the pai gow enthusiast.

The reason that it is referred to as virtual is because the cards, the dealer and the table are all internet images. They are designed to replicate the game exactly, but are obviously not real. Don't get me wrong, the game is real and the money getting exchanged is definitely real.

Just because it is virtual does not mean that it is going to be different. The odds of pai gow are the same as if you were at any other casino. You have the same payouts as well as the same chances of winning. All of this from the comfort of your own home or office.

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